The Voice of Ailuros

Kay Karr takes translating alien languages to another level.

Z Karr and the Apples of Demeter

When an anticipated delicacy proves disappointing, Zach and Tetsuo must defend the Demeter spaceport from a horde of alien squirrels.

The Storms of Poseidon

Anthologized in Warriors Against the Storm

Zach and Kay must negotiate with the spiderlike aliens of Poseidon to protect the safety of the colonists.

Some Assembly Required

Anthologized in Bingeworthy

In this delightfully wacky tale, a young man overcomes a very peculiar disability. With courage and ingenuity, he learns to use his perceived shortcomings to his advantage.

Momma’s Sandwich

In this fairy tale, a boy discovers a horrifying truth about his island home. Can a simple act of kindness save everyone from destruction?

The Lady’s Counsel

An elderly knight is called upon to return from retirement, and must choose between his loyalty to his wife and his kingdom. However, a treacherous enemy has his own plans in place…